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Translations in Natural Languages (Part B)

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The translations in natural languages have been divided into two parts: A and B. The scripts used in part A are/were, widely used, well-known and/or official scripts. The scripts used in part B are/were alternative, proposed, hobby and/or special purpose scripts. All languages that occur in part B also occur in part A.

The translations have been presented in the following format:

language name [language family]

translation {additional information}

[names of contributors]

Bhojpuri [Indo-European]

{*Variant: 1; *Script: Nikhilipi; *Romanisation: Hamanī ādamī bānī aura hamanī Pr̥thvī se bānī.}

{*Variant: 2; *Script: Nikhilipi; *Romanisation: Hamanī ādamī haīm̐ aura hamanī Pr̥thvī se haīm̐.}

[Nikhil Sinha]

Hindi/Urdu [Indo-European]

⠓⠍ ⠍⠝⠥⠈⠯⠽ ⠓⠌⠰ ⠪⠗ ⠓⠍ ⠏⠐⠗⠈⠹⠧⠔ ⠎⠑ ⠓⠌⠰⠲ {*Script: Bharati Braille; *Romanisation: Hama manuṣya haĩ aura hama Pr̥thvī se haĩ.}

{*Script: Nikhilipi; *Romanisation: Hama manuṣya haĩ aura hama Pr̥thvī se haĩ.}

[Nikhil Sinha]

Indonesian/Malay, Standard [Austronesian]

{*Variant: 1; *Script: Cecarakan; *Romanisation: Kita (adalah) manusia dan kita (berasal) dari bumi.; *Comment: The words in brackets are optional.}

{*Variant: 2; *Script: Cecarakan; *Romanisation: Kita adalah manusia dan (kita) berasal dari bumi.; *Comment: The word in brackets is optional.}

[Ali Aulia Ghozali]

Magahi [Indo-European]

{*Script: Nikhilipi; *Romanisation: Hamanī ādamī hī aura hamanī Pr̥thvī se hī.}

[Nikhil Sinha]

Maithili [Indo-European]

{*Script: Nikhilipi; *Romanisation: Hama manuṣya chiyai aura hama Dharatī se chiyai.}

[Nikhil Sinha]

Vajjika [Indo-European]

{*Script: Nikhilipi; *Romanisation: Hama saba ādamī hatī auro hama saba Pr̥thvī se hatī.}

[Nikhil Sinha]

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