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Translations in Natural Languages

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I have translations in both spoken and signed languages. Sign languages are like spoken languages, but make use of signs instead of sounds. Please note that sign languages cannot be Romanised as there is no relation between signs and sounds. Also, sign language families are not as well-established as spoken language families because little research has been done into them.

I have translation in one reconstructed language. Reconstructed languages are thought to have existed in the past, but they do not have any written or oral records. These languages have been reconstructed based on a careful study and comparison of known languages related to them.

The translations in natural languages have been divided into two parts: A and B. The scripts used in part A are/were, widely used, well-known and/or official scripts. The scripts used in part B are/were alternative, proposed, hobby and/or special purpose scripts. All languages that occur in part B also occur in part A.

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